Up and Running

My computer is back up and running. Instead of good ol' familiar XP, I got an upgrade to Window$ 7. For several days, I had lost all my emails. Grilltech being the amazing wonderful bestest tech and husband got it back for me. Mentioned something about make a PST file so this won't happen again, but who listens?

I finished a hat for my parents. Still need to work on the gloves. Also, since Grilltech is being so amazing wonderful, I should finish up his blanket. Plus today is the last day of the 20% off sale at the LYS, so I should swing by there and pick up the yarn I need to finish his blanket.

Since the server is now back on line, I can post pictures of my FO's. But I'm a slacker and will get to it some other day.

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Amy Lane said...

Slacker. i wanna see some knitting!