List Day, Double Shot

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech received his new toy last night
  • He's very happy
  • I have a strong urge to cast on for this sweater (Ravelry)
  • It doesn't matter I don't have the pattern, I can make it up
  • And it would be black bamboo
  • Yes. Yes, I know I'm still working on Grilltech's blanket
  • And instead of short sleeves, they'll be three quarters length
  • I never did find the checkbook
  • Oh ya, it's time to change passwords
  • I was a lunch playing on FB, one of my leaders came over and had to verify I was at lunch
  • Havoc's name has now been changed by the microchip people to Havol
  • Grilltech has started calling him Havol Barkoff
  • Stupid Wii, says I gained 2 pounds since yesterday
  • Granted I did it after I ate dinner...


GrillTech said...

That right.. He's Havol Barkoff, the new navigator on the Enterprise.

Roxie said...

Black bamboo? What weight are you considering? You realize black is going to be hard on your eyes, and bamboo droops like an unwatered morning glory? If you have factored all this in, then GO for it baby!!

I want to be in the Havol Barkoff fan club. Don't you have a picture of him with his head in a transducer receiver? It looks sort of like a blue plastic cone . . . If i send in my boxtops, would he send me an autographed photo?

Galad said...

I want an autographed photo too :-)