List Day

  • Gas is still at $2.02 per gallon
  • I'm only working until 1115 today
  • Last night, I got my 10 year gift
  • We're having ribs for dinner tonight.... yum!
  • It's slow at work, but I'm still holding out hope the day will go fast
  • Last night, I was working with Jalapenos and rubbed my eyes... many times. Sometimes I never learn
  • The IT guy came and fixed my issue, so I won't be rebooting three times a day
  • It's snowing out there
  • Have a safe New Year's Eve

1 comment:

Galad said...

Just getting caught up on reading blogs. Hope the tooth can be taken care of soon. Congrats on 10 years. Ribs sound yummy. Dr. Who loot is always good. I got a Tom Baker Dr. Who robe from Think Geek for Christmas :) A very Happy New Year to you and yours!