List Day

  • I counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • It's been two years, bar has had another name change
  • Oops, I should be watching web site, not working on my project
  • I did a different exercise video last night, by the end my arms were killing me
  • Seriously cow-orker, if you wasn’t going to do what I asked, why didn’t you say so, because what you turned in was four lines of crap
  • After doing yoga for a week, I changed it up by doing belly dance. My arms haven’t quite forgiven me
  • Making decisions seem to be difficult these days, I have an appointment set up for some therapy mental help assistance
  • Day is over, I’m grateful

1 comment:

Galad said...

At least you are exercising. Maybe one of these days I'll get inspired. Hope you have a good weekend