List Day

  • There was three cars at the bar this morning
  • I showed the other knitters at work the blanket. They seem to think I'm crazy
  • I let LYS1 take it to knit night, and I'll pick up it up tomorrow. I'm having separation anxiety
  • We shuffled a bunch of people around here at work, and most of us now have new cube mates. I bought doughnuts to say thanks
  • They're (the doughnuts) are sitting over there taunting me, I've already had one. I don't need another
  • I managed to fend off the plague bears
  • Yea, I know I shouldn't have put that out to the universe, it will come back threefold
  • The sentinels are back
  • It's a good thing, they didn't take down the what to do when attacked by a goose posters
  • It does no good to yell at the white one (Fran Kitty) to wipe your feet before you come in
  • She gives me the same blank looks the girls did when I told them the same thing
  • We're finishing off the chicken soup for dinner


Galad said...

The blanket is going to be amazing but it is a HUGE project. I'm in awe

Donna Lee said...

I could do with a shake up at work. I've had the same curmudgeonly office mate for 10 years-longer than some marriages.

I avoided the donuts today although Sunday seems like it should be Donut Day to me. I'd like to say we avoided the Plague Bears but I've been listening to my husband cough and blow his nose for 3 days/nights now. I'd like some real sleep.