Last week, I did something to my back and ouch! I didn't do karate because it was achy and sore, but I did do some gentle stretching to try and loose it up. By this week, it was feeling much better. So, I went to karate. Today? I'm sore. Not as bad as last week, but it's sore. Grilltech is being such a sweetheart and putting Bengay on me.

I have finished another set of mitts. This pair is mine and I'm really like them. Where Perky's are busy and the pattern doesn't stand out, mine you see it all. I've also been working on dishcloths, only because I don't have to pay attention to charts. (I'm looking at you, Grilltech's scarf!!)

Time dilation seems to be going on in my bay. It should be closer to 1400, then noon. BLAH. I want the day to be over now!, not in two hours. Not sure why, I want the day over because tonight is house cleaning. woot?


Donna Lee said...

Bengay is the most wonderful stuff. There are also patches (I buy them at our local Dollar Store) made by Absorbine Jr (remember them?) that work really well for spots of back pain.

Galad said...

Hope your back is recovered and you are having a good weekend!