Secret Pal 14

I have six days until my network password expires. Six more days, then I have to go change four passwords. Thankfully, it's the same one - it's the remembering of did I change this one? - that gets me.

I got a package from my Secret Pal! WOW!!

I need to hurry up and finish these gloves so I can start a pair of socks for me!!

Some yummy, yummy blue(!) chocolate.

She also sent me a book, which has many different heels (and toes) hopefully to get me out of my square heel and wedge toe rut. Not really a rut, but preferred choice. It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My Pal made me a lavender filled heart. I'd been thinking I needed something to put into the tub of yarn to get rid of the plastic smell. (I loathe that smell.) I'm glad she sent it.

Thanks Pal!!!

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Roxie said...

Soo pretty! How are those gloves coming along?