Monday, Monday

Well, happy Monday. It was a good weekend, but as always I'd much rather be home snuggling and knitting. Last night the puppy figured out he can jump up on our bed. Her Majesty Uggy will not be pleased in the least. Havoc was all sorts of ready to go bed with us last night. He was put in his owner's room. However, Perky claims he belongs to us because he loves us more than her.

I spent most of the weekend working on the blanket. On Saturday I got the most pleasant surprise. Amy sent me a package of yarns she no longer had a use for. One was a more than half way knit sock, it was lovingly unwound and put aside. Those grays are almost too pretty to end up in a blanket.

Speaking on which knitting the blanket is very much a trip down memory lane. The brown, green, raspberry, and cream I worked on at the RHCP concert. The neon green were Perky's. The blues and white were Dad's. Hey, I don't remember this one. Oh yea, they were D's. I'm still so in love with this project I hold up squares to show Grilltech and giggle. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and patiently tells me how pretty it looks. He'll deny that's what he does, but I know. Just like someone who-shall-remain-nameless denies she was the basis of a bit character on a show.


Roxie said...

Grilltech is a good man. And I love the idea of the blanket coming with stories. I remember when I was a tyle and had the measles. I spent hours on the sofa under the granny square afghan my granny made, and kept myself amused by finding yarn from sweaters she had knit.

Amy Lane said...

Ahem. I AM NOT BECKY. But I'm damned glad you like the yarn. It killed me to send that sock, but that was the sock that WOULD NOT WORK OUT. It felt like throwing that into the bag gave it a new, jinx free life--it was a mercy thing for the yarn, really. But yeah--the green/khaki/grey was really lovely. I'm glad you like the mix! (Uhm... tell Grill Tech to enjoy the book too:-)