List Day - Double Shot!

  • I stayed up and watch them

  • Yes, I'm actually at work today

  • I think I'd have my name changed if it was Hiscock

  • Yes, I am that juvenile

  • I've got two mitered squares for my blanket, they're so cute

  • OMG!! A week's worth of socks?!

  • BTW, if you're looking to get rid of some left over sock yarn I'd be willing to take it

  • I brought my USB blanket today, and it's awesome!

  • I'm out of water

  • Now I'm hot... I know, I know, new rope.

  • Yea I know, short pointless post


Amy Lane said...

yikes! Time for me to go on sockyarn round-up! I'm coming, darling, I'm coming!!!

Donna Lee said...

I,too have a ton of left over sock yarn. I was going to make a blanket out of it (isn't everyone?) but I'll send some to you.