List Day!

  • Busy night at the bar, there were six cars there

  • I would rather be home snuggling, instead of working

  • Coffee tonight with former Bride

  • Yummy, yummy hot guys tonight also

  • Figured out what I hated about this shirt and took care of the problem: cut off the ties

  • Perky finished her socks last night!!

  • WTF! Both my computers rebooted at the same time

  • Thankfully, I've been saving everything just about every time I make any kind of change to it (ctrl+s)

  • I've been switching knitting projects so nothing sits. Well, peacock shawl is still sitting, haven't contacted them yet

  • We've been watching Spaced, those wacky British

  • Do you think people would notice if I started talking with a slight British accent?

  • My socks are screaming along

  • But, the color ways are opposite of each other

  • It's really hard to be here today

  • I can do this, only five more working days

  • Convert is now looking for baby blanket patterns

  • I told her we're getting together for knitting at 1700; she said she'll be there

  • I'm thinking I want to leave early today

  • And tomorrow as well


Amy Lane said...

Mmmm... yummy yummy hot guys... (*sniff* The broke up... but they'll get back together... Dean can't live without his Sammy...)

Anyway, sentya a package.. and a Deacon/Dek update... enjoy:-)

Red said...

I feel like leaving early everyday.