Weekend Recap

It was a so-so weekend. It was also Grilltech's 45th 44th birthday on Saturday. He had to work in the morning. He did come home to a semi-cleaned house. I picked up most of the yarn that began to accumulate gravitate around the black hole of my desk. It's not to say, I still don't have a bunch of yarn still on my desk, just not nearly as much.

Let's see, where was I going with this - oh yea - Grilltech's birthday. For dinner, we had barbequed baby back ribs. I know, I know, how could I force him to cook on his birthday. But it's what he wanted for dinner and loves to do. So who am I to stand in his way? Besides, we're not really celebrating until next weekend. Anyway, he started the ribs about 1500, said they'd be done about 2100. Apparently they cooked faster than he'd liked because they were done by 1800 and way over cooked by his standards. I thought they were good and tender, but he kept stating the ribs wouldn't be good for competition. Men!

The kids got him the expansion to Pandemic. He was very excited to get it. At about 2000, the other married couple of our gaming group came over to give Grilltech his present. We played Pandemic until 0100. We've figured out the name of the virus:

We take our gaming seriously. Very Seriously.

Sunday was a normal movie watching/laundry day. Neither of us had any energy to do much of anything. The wasn't any real reason for the blah, we just didn't have the motivation or desire to much. Did watch the The Great Escape and get some knitting done. I've added another inch or so on the vest. It's really a fast knit, but it's not holding my attention at all.

Today I showed Convert how to purl correctly, now she's off and running on a washcloth. She's discovered the joys of database hourglasses. I got two rows done!! I guess Suporvisor* (aka the Gnome) walked by and asked if she was waiting for something. It's almost amusing.

Oh yea, that's what an hour of cardio feels like. Me? Cook diner? Don't think so, I'm ordering in.

* Seriously, that’s how he spelled it.


Roxie said...

Ah, the stuporvisor. Happy bb-day GrillTech!

Amy Lane said...

Happy B-Day, Grilltech--and all is forgiven, you're a fellow Libra who offered me a virtual brisket--we're practically cousins!!!