List Day!

  • I've been late three times this week

  • I saw a green meteorite on my drive in

  • Animal watch this morning: a fox

  • Counted five cars at the bar

  • I should have been working on the vest yesterday

  • Note the word should

  • Instead I finished four more squares

  • Amy you are helping. The top picture the pink square is yours

  • It helps if I run the report for the whole week, not just today

  • I think there is a fire on the ridge east of town

  • My hands are freezing and guess who forgot her gloves

  • Instead of gloves, I've put the USB blanket on

  • Happy Friday!!

  • Oh wait, that's just us

  • Lovely, the database slammed shut on me

  • We watched Mercy last night, it was interesting to see Janeway as a drunkard

  • The attendance VM is down, we're having to take calls manually

  • It cuts down on the long meandering messages talking about anal leakage

  • Yes, I did have a VM like that over two minutes long. I quit listening after 40 seconds

  • I forgot to get pictures of my socks

  • I can start the heel for them any time now, maybe tonight at home

  • Yea, who am I kidding? More blanket knitting time

  • I have an hour more to go in my day at work

  • I can hardly contain myself

  • The Gnome offered to buy us lunch!!!

  • It must be Friday, I'm talking stupidly to the computer

  • I have an overwhelming desire to go get a perm

  • So far I have managed to fend off this hair-killing thought, but I might cave when we have money

  • Yea, it must be Friday, I giggled like an idiot when the guy behind me said Yea, I'd work weekends if I can get off early

  • I'm heading home


emicat said...

green meteorite? I wanna see one!
I'm gonna have to look into that USB blanket - I could sure use one of those at work during the colder months.

Roxie said...

You SHOULD work on the vest. That blanket is like potato chips. You can't do just one. And you can't stop half-way through one. They're addictive.

Donna Lee said...

I love the squares. I have a box of bits to send to add to your blanket and soon, I'm going to start mine. You're photos are addictive!

Amy Lane said...

Okay... the square blanket would probably suck me under too... I'M SO GLAD I'M HELPING!

Pretty meteorite... unless it's a radioactive isotope that's going to turn us all into plants. Then it's bad.