What have I been doing?

Some of these:

More of these:

A herd of them:

It's almost to the point of looking like a blanket. But I think I'm going to add another twenty blocks.

And I've managed to add a couple of rows to Grilltech's vest:

Grilltech's birthday is on Saturday, think I can have his vest done in time?


Lovs2Knit said...

I've been thinking about starting a sock yarn blanket since I have what seems like a half a ton of leftover sock yarn in my stash.

If you get a chance for some long stretches of knitting between now and Saturday you might just make it if you don't get distracted by something else. :~)

Amy Lane said...

hee hee hee... I LOVE looking at that and thinking "I'm helping!"

And I think Grilltech might just have to wait--but he's patient. He can do that!

Roxie said...

Lovely vest for Grilltech. Knit faster!!

You need to add 20 squares to make it a blankey? Only 20? Are you sure?

emicat said...

That's gonna be one awesome looking blanket! Thanks for checking in on me :)

Red said...

I love making blankets, and know every project is about doing one bit at a time. For some reason, though, I am awed at the magnitude of your sock yarn blanket.

Looking forward to the next pictures!