List Day!

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • Database just crashed
  • Apparently, I don't know my own password to blogger
  • I do, however, know a password to an application I haven't used in six months or so
  • Tomorrow is Friday before a four day weekend
  • Yesterday the doctor suggested a brace and anti-inflammatory
  • Both seem to be working today
  • Might be able to knit more than an hour tonight
  • Grilltech will be making me Salomon BLT's on Saturday night
  • Perky is pestering me for a list of yarns
  • Starting to get sleepy
  • Friday's dinner will be roasted rack of lamb
  • Yesterday I picked up a new case for my iPhone, odd they don't have mine it's two tone purples


Sandra said...

mmm, roasted rack of lamb... yum!!

Galad said...

The thought of lamb is making me drool. Too bad you aren't within driving distance :-)

Amy Lane said...

Go Grilltech! Can I have some virtual BLT's? (And lamb!)