Yea, one of those days

Left my walkman iPhone at home. Had to spend the day interacting with people. It really, really sucked.


Megan said...

I totally understand your pain. Not having my iPod when I commute to work/school ruins my day.

Just noticed the new background- I really like it!

Roxie said...

I'm beginning to understand why the teens are so reluctant to surrender their devices. The i-tools form a protective shield against criticism, boredom, reality and other annoying distractions from perfect narcissism. I've gotten to the point where I can't do the damn dishes without plugging in. And it's virtually impossible to fold laundry without SOME entertainment. If the power goes out, I'm going to have to make the husband read out loud to me just to get the bed made.

Amy Lane said...

Oh the horror! (Seriously... I'd be horrified to leave my ipod at home!)