A 1000 Words or there abouts

I think two weeks ago, I started a cleaning kick. These are just some of the yarn I've removed from my desk. The saddest part? There are a bunch more that still need to be removed so I can see my desk.
Addict Picture

At the same time of removing some yarn that is staring at me - trying to guilt it's way onto my needles - I picked up some of the half finished projects I've got on the needles.
Almost Done!

Since then, I finished the ugly green hat.
Ugly Green Hat

We've been getting some rain recently. Considering we're a high dessert, I'm surprised there hasn't been more flooding.
Before the Storm

Grilltech likes Linux, he even teaches it . Linux is the base OS for our server. Think Rebel Alliance - Han Solo!! Me? I've joined the Empire....
I'm part of the Empire!

The latest on the peacock shawl.

Apple rhubarb cobbler.
Black Betty

Grilltech's fennel.
Damn Fennel... It's a good thing I love my husband

More of the fennel.
A really good thing!!

Sabrina likes to lie on the flowers.
Sabrina is evil

Grilltech's hops are starting to get out of control.

Really, out of control
I'm free!  I'm free!

That's what I've been up to.


GrillTech said...

The hops are getting back under control.

the Bean family said...

it don't look that bad...

Amy Lane said...

omg-- I've been waiting two days for these pictures to load on my computer! (I don't know why they didn't for the last two days... they just didn't!)

Anyway-- good pictures-- bad rabid plant! Bad! Bad rabid stash! Bad! Good knitting! goooooooodddddd knitting...