Did I Mention?

Much like my Sister to the East, I am made of salt and will melt when gotten wet. Aunt Roxie, not only sent me out to return a movie, tried to kill me!

Think I'm making it up?
It rained on my way back from the killer of mom-and-pop video stores RedBox. If I didn't have such a high dodge skill, I could have melted. It was awful.

Think she bought it?

Seriously? I wasn't laying it on a bit thick? Good.

Now for what really happened:

It was a lovely walk. Another couple was walking the other direction. The foot hills were lit up by the sun, but I was covered with dark clouds on the way East. Very lovely effect. There was very little in the way of passing traffic. I think most of the people were still home getting ready for what ever date they had planned.

Believe it or not, but the foot hills are green. Sure there are splotches of brown on the southern sides of the ridges, but the northern side is a lush green. I'd forgotten how beautiful the city can be during spring and summer. A large flowering tree was dropping it's flowers when I walked under it. The ground was littered with them and more were coming.

The walk back was even better. The rain began to fall, soft and warm. The kind of rain that's cleansing. Cars rushed by, windshield wipers smearing the dust to mud.

By the time I reached the front door, it had stopped. A nice ending to an evening walk. Now if you'll excuse me, I think the next storm is starting to roll through.


Roxie said...

Oh how splendid! See, it DOES feel good to do the right thing.

(And you're not made of salt. You're sugar and spice and everything nice.)

Donna Lee said...

Those kind of rains make me go outside and look for rainbows. I like to walk in the rain as long as I'm going home and can change out of the wet clothes.