List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • A Cow-orker came over to ask what is that noise?
  • I'm wearing my moonstone ring today, so I can make a dent in someone's forehead if they really annoy me
  • It's raining out there which makes me happy, because it could have been snow instead
  • Forgot a critical step in the process, I have to go back and fix it
  • Worry Hat, ENGAGE!
  • No choking on an apple, I don't want to be standing in line at heaven and have to explain why I died of a stupid reason
  • GAH! I've got a call in 15 and the person who knows all about it isn't here today
  • OP's manager Do you know how to get there? Cute cow-orker No. He begins explaining where to go. CC interrupts Don't you have a map?!
  • I'm taking over some new duties, so work has been a bit crazy
  • Cheesecake is made for tomorrow's potluck
  • I have thirteen more squares to finish for this row
  • I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday


Roxie said...

Hooray for Friday!! Hooray for no snow! Hip, hip hooray for cheesecake!

Sandra said...

I have a large topaz ring that I threaten people with...

Amy Lane said...

Worry Hat engage! hahahahahaha

Let's hear it for Friday!