List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Saw an owl in flight, only because it was next to a street light
  • This week is taking forever to end
  • I was able to touch my toes the other night...
  • It kinda sucks only having the blanket to take pictures of because that bad boy will take forever to complete
  • There is a 85% chance your cat is plotting to kill you
  • I keep trying to remember to sit up straight, but not having much luck
  • Today's color way is a lovely rosy pink with dark blue/grey
  • Now there is herd of people looking at the sunrise
  • BBQer is out today, so it's pretty quiet in here
  • It's hit the time of the day when it's really starting to drag
  • Text Message Breakup????
  • GAH! Fucking Excel!
  • I jammed my right knee going down the stairs at work, which is a good thing in a way, because I almost fell down the stairs at the time
  • Princess GoJira is still being anti-social
  • Thank heavens, tomorrow is Friday


Roxie said...


emicat said...

LOL looks like my Frank is 87% plotting to kill me (he has been pretty snippy/cranky with me moreso this week).

I still love that you named your cat gojira!

and yes, yay on the Friday. For a short workweek, it sure was a damn long one!

Donna Lee said...

For a short week, this week is moving slow. We were just saying that yesterday.

Sunrise this morning was so beautiful, all pink and gold. I was going to pull out the camera but decided to just stand and gawk instead.

Red said...

There's a 83% chance my cat is plotting to kill me. But he's so old his chin hairs are all white, so I don't think he will.

Amy Lane said...

Only 85%? Damned. And Text Message Breakup? KILL