List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • I want this day to hurry and be over
  • I'm never going on vacation again (it's available on Netflix and funny as hell
  • I got my new glasses! I got my new glasses!
  • I'm not a French Templar so tomorrow being Friday the 13th will be okay
  • Today's coffee is a coconut flavored and smells very good, too bad I don't like coffee
  • Uggy now refuses to go into the living room, GoJira must have chased her out one too many times
  • Yesterday we saw a really sweet lookin' Sundog
  • BBQer will be working from home next week, using my laptop, so I need to move files to his system
  • We've been at work for three hours now, and I've just noticed that Grilltech has his shirt on in-side out
  • He's a bit crabby now...
  • Bloody hell! Spilled spaghetti down the front of my silver shirt
  • The guys had been telling Newbie to talk to his supervisor before turning in his notice, he turned it in, then I tell him the same thing they've been telling him for two weeks now - he's now off to talk to his supervisor


Sandra said...

and I love coffee, but would be turned off by the sell of coconut...
And I always spill spaghetti when I;m wearing anything but red.

Amy Lane said...

I'd be crabby too!