I'm All Over the Place...

My new spot is on the edge of a center isle. People walk by with plastic bags which rustle and freak me out. Why? For some reason I think I'm out doors and something is trying to creep up on me in the brush. I turn and look, sometimes I see the people walking up; other times, I'm unable to find them. Then I truly start to twitch. Mantra? There are no serial killers at work, there are no serial killers at work.

I've decided on my sweater, I'm going to rip the sleeves out and knit up a swatch. Then I'll start knitting on the body. I'm thinking this sweater will have drop shoulders. I'll know more when I really get into the heart of the sweater. I've got the cable patterns picked out. It was designed originally for Grilltech, but he didn't seem really excited about cable sweaters. Maybe he thinks they're too girly.

I finished Perky's anklet yesterday while at the LYS. I didn't have my darning needle, otherwise I could have started the second one. I could have borrowed one, but since I had already borrowed a tape measure, I didn't want to push my luck.

Which when it's all said and done, a good thing. I picked up Grilltech after I left the LYS. I was so hungry, the thought of eating out kept nudging it's way into my thoughts. Instead we went to the store and picked up the few items we needed, plus stuff for tonight's dinner. And honestly, if I would have had bound off the first sock, we would have gone out to eat because I would have had something to knit while waiting.

There is another glove in progress, a lime green one. Somewhere, someone will love it. I on other hand, don't think it's a color I would wear. In the mean time, I'm hoping I have enough black left to make a set of those as well for when they go to Vegas. I also need to be working on a database for the parents, but I've been letting it slide. Stupid opportunity costs. I can knit or work on the database, but I can't do both at the same time. The worst part? I have until the 16th to get everything done. I think the database should be first then knitting will come next.

The down side to having two different computers? F5 is the refresh key for explorer. On the system to the left, I need to use it. When I use the F5 key on system to the right, it clears everything to the default settings. Which is very annoying to have to reset. I remembered to use double arrows to refresh, instead of F5. (Yea, me!)

Grilltech didn't have the strain of illness I had. While he did sound like a heavy smoker for about a day and a half, he's on the mend. He still has a bit of a cough, but he's sounding better daily.


Galad said...

Sounds like you are beginning to get settled at work though the whole process sounds frustrating. I know you'll figure out how to get the database down and still work in your knitting. I have faith in you :-)

Amy Lane said...

There are no serial killers at work? You must not work in a high school!!!

I HATE having to wait without my knitting! I was bummed because I saw two movies this weekend and I had NO projects that were the type I could do in the dark!