It's been a day

I'm at the new desk as of yesterday. I had to move a couple of things around. The phone, keyboards, and mice. I have three monitors, so I feel like I'm watching planes land or something important like that. In the mean time, I'm watching and learning; really wishing I was more confident at what I'm doing. It comes with time, which I don't have right now. Three days worth of training and I'm a bit confused.

Day two of the lateral move, the other team is making noises Knittech didn't do X this morning, so we're behind. Thankfully the Gnome was standing there and mentioned, Knittech only does that on Mondays, you guys can handle the rest of the week. Score! They weren't very happy.

The new team isn't happy either. I'm the annoying little kid who is always asking why? What does that mean? Who is that? They roll their eyes, but answer me.

I haven't really been knitting much, instead I've spent more time playing crack Guild Wars, then anything else. I did get a bunch of missions completed, but I guess it's not really the same as finishing up a sock or something like that.

I didn't make it down to the LYS until yesterday. Miss a week and quite a bit happens; and not much of it is good. M's mom is terminally sick, so she's staying with her until she expires. The saddest part? M's mom was moved up here less then a month ago.

The knitting I have been doing is some stripper gloves for D. She sells them at the Rendvous. The profit margin is very slim on them. My sweater has about four inches on the sleeves done, but I'm thinking it's going to be a bit tight around the wrist. I'm debating whether I should rip back and add a couple more stitches or leave it. Until I make my decision, I have the gloves to knit on.

Oh yeah, still can't use the mouse from the right's computer on the left's computer. One would think, I'd figure that out sooner then later, but it's not happening. I'm going to blame the move.

Grilltech is now sick. Poor guy, it may require a trip to the to doctor.

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Amy Lane said...

Hope Grilltech is better--hope work gets easier, too! I hate being that annoying little kid--but it's more fun to be him when he grows up:-)