The Calling

Can you hear it? It's pretty faint, you may have to listen hard to really hear it. Its my peacock shawl calling me. I guess I can hear it clearly because the yarn is sitting next to my mouse. Every time I walk into the family room, it's there. Taunting. Alluring. Whispering. Just cast on, you know you want to. All the kewl knitters have a bunch of projects to work on. First one's free... So far I've resisted, but its getting harder and harder to do so.

I need to have Perky try on her tunic. I'll be able to figure out what needs to be done then I can hand it back to her. So she can get started on the sleeves.

MIL liked Bella. She said it was a bit snug. She might be able to block more room, who knows. I've got a request in for a bunch of stripper gloves. I'll most likely start on them tonight. Which means I'm putting off working on my tunic. Which is okay, because I'm spending Grilltech's money. Fair enough exchange in my book.

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Amy Lane said...

It's weird--I've got some lace having a chant-fest in the bottom of my boxes. I tell it to shut up, but I'm not sure if it's listening:-)