Random Thoughts

  • Saturdays at the datamine are quiet. Hmm early in and weekends? I'd rarely see cow-orkers* co-workers.

  • Its freaky to look in the mirror and see a raccoon looking back at yourself.

  • Perky now wants to get the eye make up done as well. I'm such a bad influence.

  • In answer to Galad's question: I lived in AZ back in 1983. Dad and Uncle Dave was working on a dam down there. Can't remember Never knew the name.

  • We're celebrating Baby Bird's birthday on Sunday.

  • I haven't picked up a present for her yet. Does that make me a bad Grandma?

  • Grilltech and I will be married 18 years this October. I wonder if I should get him something "good".

  • I want the Red Hot Chili Peppers to come back to town.

  • It's odd, I'm not loosing any weight, but my pants are fitting looser.

  • While having my eyes done, we talked about how my skin is a red head's. She then comments, there is some yellowing around your eyes, that's not normal. I wonder how much of it is normal and not noticeable on other skin types.

  • Oh yeah, I can't rub my eyes.

  • The mouse on the right side computer, doesn't work on the computer on the left.

  • I may sneeze like a kitten, but I hiccup like a drunken sailor.

  • The mouse on the right side computer, still won't work on the Lefts computer.

  • I would like to get more of Burt's Bees Lip Balm, I'm almost out.

  • I did the get peacock shawl copied and laminated. Now the pattern is glaring at me from under a pile of bills.

  • The second line of Love Potion #9: You know the Gypsy with that gold capped tooth. Which isn't as nearly as kewl as: You know the Gypsy with that gold tattoo.

  • Yeah, like you've never misheard song lyrics...

  • I've had enough fun for one day, I'm out of here!

* bonus points if you know where that is from


Amy Lane said...

Too much stuff to laugh at!!! (My parents buy the gifts on the way to the baby's party...nothing wrong with that!)

GrillTech said...

Well I took a look at anniversery sites.. The traditional gift list goes from 15 to 20. So traditionally it would be a regular.

The site about.com:marriage says"

18th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts:
Modern Gifts: Porcelain

Hmmm I wonder if I can find some porcelain needles?

emicat said...

As far as this one's concerned:

"It's odd, I'm not loosing any weight, but my pants are fitting looser."

Don't question it, just enjoy it ;)

I'm afraid I'm experiencing the opposite end of that spectrum *tugs at tight waist* ugh.