Should have been Friday's

I spent more money at the LYS (again). Enough in one purchase to receive the 10% discount. I showed it to Grilltech, he was amazed at the softness of the silk. Perky asked why it smelled the way it did. Because it's 100% silk, honey. When she saw the cost, her eyes about popped out of her head. I'll be knitting my sweater on size 1's or smaller. (Double Ought? Am I insane?!)

I finished the first of Grilltech's sock last night at the brewer's meeting. I started the second one there, but the lighting was poor and I was getting a headache, so I stopped. I'm ready to start the pattern on it. If it goes as fast as the first one, it should be done within a week. (In Accordance With The Prophecy)

I was real with it yesterday. I posted without completing my thoughts. Nothing real new there, I do in while talking to people all the time. I stop mid sentence and another topic spews forth.


Lovs2Knit said...

You may be insane but it will feel like heaven when you wear it. :~)

Amy Lane said...

Wow--I'd take lots of picture and show it off to everybody and their mother when you're done! That'll be some accomplishment!