Hmm Meth....

Last night, Grilltech and I went to the store. We picked up a couple of items including two bottles of specialty beers. I also picked up some cold medication. Because of the possibility I might cook some meth, I had to go the pharmacy and show them my ID and fill out a form. The girl behind the counter, wrote down my DL's number, told me to fill out the rest, then leave it on the counter when I was done. She then walks away. Next time, I put down Morticia Adams. Grilltech on the other hand, wasn't carded at all when he paid for the beer.

I've been busy training my replacement at work. I'm not leaving the company, but moving to a different job. I'll be busy learning new skills and annoying different people for different reasons. Which means my access to computers for the next week will be spotty, so posting will be the hit or miss. I'll be moving to a new desk and sharing the desk with another person; he works nights or something. Which means I'll need to decide what will be moving with me and what will be staying for the replacement.

Remember because it's a security risk? Grilltech talks about what really happened at the bank. Okay, he leaves out the part where I'm ready to start swearing at them.

Grilltech's second sock is coming along. I won't mention how the cuff is longer, thus throwing off the number of repeats knitted before the heel. I won't mention all the screw ups on Bella either because... I'm supposedly better then that. (hahahaha) Perky's tunic is about ready to be handed over to her. I'll finish up the front and back and it's her mess again. Okay, it will be after I do the math. I also won't mention how she messed up the snowflake pattern.

I've been meaning to get pictures of all the new yarns I've picked up, but I've been slacking. I do have pictures of Bella, but they're still on the camera.


Amy Lane said...

Wow--you cook Meth with cough syrup too? I understand only the best movie stars do that!!!

Galad said...

After reading GrillTech's telling of the security risk story, I can't believe you didn't stab someone with a dull knitting needle!