Tuesday, August 29

I finished my socks. My new job is really cutting into my knitting time. I think I'm okay with less knitting time, as long as I'm off the phones.

My head hurts something awful. It’s been going on for the past week; I thought it was the smoke from all the fires. The air was so bad, couldn't even see the foot hills because visibility was very poor.

I don't like the yarn I'm using to make these new anklets. The dye job was done very poorly and there are large splats of color. There is blue in the yellows. The pinks have long strips of white. I would be very upset if I had paid full price for the skein. Half price sales are wonderful, but there are times.

20 rows for the heel
Eight stitches left after the first turn on each side
Continue the heel pattern to the end of the turn

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