Tuesday, August 1

I went to karate last night. I didn't stay the entire two hours, left about 30 minutes early. I did well for not doing anything for the past four months. I'll need to start walking to build endurance and drag Grilltech with me. Grilltech has agreed to start learning with me in a few weeks. So he'll need the endurance as well. My shoulders hurt more then any thing else on my body, I think it was the naka-uke. Overall, I feel much better then I have in weeks. Maybe there is something to this whole exercise thing.

I didn't knit last night. We ended up taking the eldest some gas then picking up dinner at the store. Sure it was fried chicken and salad, but it was good. Not sure what we're going to do for dinner tonight; didn't think far enough ahead to pull anything out.

I have about five inches done on Grilltech's second sock. I have two more inches to go, then I can get started on the heel.

On my daily reading of knitting blogs, I posted! You can see it on Peristent Illusion's site. From her site I found Criminy Jickets blog. He has some beautiful dish clothes I will have to try! He was nice enough to have the address on his site as well. It's just amazing how far I can go just by reading.

I'm thinking for the guys, when I make their scarves this year, of using Not Quite Straight Scarf. It looks quite interesting and I'm sure it would knit up pretty quickly. Of course I'm way too cheap (cheep, cheep) to use the Andean Silk, Carbon worst weight is what will be used.

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