Wednesday, August 16

Tuesday was a busy day for me and the youngest. We started off with getting her registered for school. She's a senior and didn't want to go by herself. So I skipped work and went with her. She's all signed up and got a sweatshirt out of the deal as well. We went to bank then went and picked up new cell phones. The youngest is all sorts of happy because she now has a real cell phone instead of the pay as you go type. She was forever running out of minutes. On the plus side, she now has 1000 text messages she can send out.

The highlight of the day was the Red Hot Chili Pepper's concert. All I can say is W-O-W! Today my ears are still ringing, I'm dead tired, but it was great. It was amazing to listen to the crowd. The chords of a song would start and people would just go crazy. Anthony (or the future son-in-law according to my youngest) would start singing and the crowd would just about drown him out.

I also brought my sock knitting with me. Since I carry the knitting around in a Crown Royal bag, I was asked to open the bag. The nice officer seriously looked in the bag with his flashlight, and then looked at me with a what-the-frag expression. I told him, it's my knitting. He was fighting to keep a straight face. If there hadn't been people behind me, I might have shown him. I'm such an uber-knitter. I did manage to get in about an hour and a half worth of knitting done.

I also spent about the first half of the concert trying to figure out Anthony's gloves. The youngest had to tell me what the design on the other glove was. She says it’s a broken heart. It's something I think I can make.

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