Monday, August 28

It's Monday and school will be starting in three hours. I'm sure we'll hear something about it when we get home. I didn't charge my walkman - yes, I know it's really not a walkman, but that's what they were called in the 80's - so no music for me all day today. Just hope the music lasts until the start of my shift and the hour afterwards would be nice as well.

Finally decided on a scarf pattern for the guy’s. It's a rip off of a wash cloth pattern, but it works just fine.

CO: 30, Knit 4 rows
Row 1: K2, P2, *YB slip 1, P2*, K2
Row 2: K4, *P1, K2*, K2

I've started the heel of my sock. I don't understand how so many people complain about second sock syndrome. The second sock practically jumps off the needles. Maybe the complaint is goes to fast.

Work heel?! That's all I said? Yes, but normally I put down how many rows I do of worked heel. If I don’t keep track of what I’m doing, I forget. Now I have to go count on the first sock. I'll bet I didn't even put down how many stitches I need to keep before I turn the heel either. Nope. I'm going to be walking around with two different heels. Good thing most people don't look at socks. Hmm looks like 20 (or is that 21) rows.

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