Saturday, August 5

Day 1 (Friday)
I didn't go to coffee on Thursday night, instead I stayed home and worked on pet square. I think I managed to get four or five rows done. Played Diablo for two hours also. By the end of the game, I just turned it off because I couldn't reach my dead body. Oh well. I'll just have to get it when I play again.

Day 2 (Saturday)
It was night of phone calls and it wasn't even friends calling, well the Eledest called about 8:20. By about nine when I went to bed, I put the phone on do not distrub. Gotta love those people from India who are calling to sell something then when asked about the product, they have to go ask. I just hung up on the guy. No reason to hang out and chat.

I'm working overtime and it's not boring in the least. Sure it's call after, after call, after call, but I am managing to get some knitting done. I finished the gussett on Grilltech's sock. Now it's the plain sock until the toes, about four inches away. I might even get up to the toe!

I did manage to get to start on the toe for Grilltech of the sock. I switched to the dark green I used on the other sock to help ensure I wouldn't run out of main color. I managed to get eight rows done before I ran out of the contrasting color. Sigh. So I just switched back to the main color and finished the sock.

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Mr Johnson said...

And Grilltech even wearing his new socks today. Nice and comfy.