Monday, August 14

Starting today, I can no longer be officially called Knittech. Instead, I should be known as KnitWFM. Will I change my name? Of course not, I like how it looks. I started my new job today. Spent a lot of day, waiting - which really means, knitting while waiting - for reports. They're starting me out pretty slowly, don't want to overwhelm the newbie. For which, I'm extremely greatful. I guess the guy I'm replacing is leaving on Friday. Friday! Will I have time to learn everything?

I've finished the tube top. I showed it C, who laughed and said, "Can't remember ever being that small." Yeah, me neither. I've started working on my sock. I'm using the Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fun, but the color way is wrong. Mine is blues and greys, not the rainbow colors.

I think I'm going to teach sock knitting for some friends, when they open their shop. It should be a lot of fun. I'll need to write my patterns down, so I'm prepaired for the process. I need to do some some thinking about the number of classes and how much it will cost. Don't want to overly pricey, but I want to be fair.

Sock stats:

CO 80
(Ktbl 2, P2) for two inches.
Knit for four inches.
Work heel.

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