Monday, August 21

From a few days ago:
Not much to talk about today. I didn't knit last night, I finished my smut book. Towards the end, it just was well, gross. I ended up skipping whole pages. I did work out. Wasn't to my projected goal time, but it was a start. I'll get better as time goes on.

From today:
I finished Lesiel last night. I'm not sure it's long enough, it does fit around my neck with some left over, and so it can be. I've started another scarf. I don't think one is wide enough. It's 30 stitches and I'm just not happy with. The pattern is very easy:

Row 1: Knit 1, * slip 1, knit 1, PSSO, before sliding off, needle, knit one between the two stitches *, knit 1
Row 2: *Purl 2 together, before sliding off needle, purl one between the two stitches

I've only completed about six rows, so will most likely rip it back and start over with 40 stitches, instead of the 30. I've finished the gusset on my sock. I’m now working on the long foot part. The way the reports are crawling along this morning, I might get it done today. Quite the scary thought.

Today is the first day I'm working without a safety net. I'm feeling quite a bit frustrated because the system is running so slowly. I'm not going to get today's AM report done on time, really, I don't think anyone is going to get it out on time, but it bothers me. I just want to scream at the screen, "hurry up!" but it's not going to help. I just keep working on the sock and check to see if the screen has turned blue, instead of grey. Maybe today wasn't the day to drink some caffeine.

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