Friday Eve, August 3

After the visit to the dentist yesterday, I went home and worked on the scarf. Many rows later, it was time to run to the store and get a few things for dinner. I think I got a few more rows done, then it was time to go boot some head. Where would the world be now if it wasn't for The Frantics? I did manage to stay for the whole night, wasn't able to do everything, but made the effort.

It's suppose to be coffee night, don't know if I'll make it or not. I didn't get to bed until 9:45 last night. I dozed off and on until Grilltech came to bed about 10:20, then I was out for the most part. I kept waking up during the night. I know the youngest didn't get to bed until three am. She'll need to start getting to bed earlier after registration.

I stepped on the kitten last night. I tried hard not to stomp on her, so I fell forward and caught myself on the door jam. I have bruise on the palm of my hand. I have a fun time typing at times.

I still haven’t heard anything about the job I interviewed for. GRRR!! They need to hurry up and say, I start on Monday. Speaking of which, I’m working on Saturday, which should be a lot of fun. No, really. F-U-N!

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