Monday, August 7

I finished Grilltech's socks. I finished the second sock with the main color, so there was a green stripe at the toe. I went and cut back the first sock and finished it with the main color so they match. Well as much as fraternal twins can match. They look pretty good. He's wearing them today, to show how much he enjoys the hard work I put into his socks.

I'm back to working on the tube top. I've added the second ball of fixation. I was knitting along and realized I was coming to the end of the string. Oops, I had grabbed a loose end and was using it to knit with. Thankfully I only had about six stitches to tink back. I wove in the ends so that little mistake won't happen again. I only need to knit about three more inches on the top before it's done. I'm thinking about adding some cabled straps, so they can be tied behind the neck. I must be an old prude.

I'm so tired, my vision is blurring. It must be time to knit some more. I'm just happy I'm doing a mindless pattern.

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