Tech Support

I'm a geek, I admit it. I know enough about computers to be dangerous. Grilltech will ask me questions about how do you make M$ Word (or Excel) do X or Y or Z. And I can tell him. If I needed to, I could build a computer. It's mostly a question of how I want to spend my time. I've worked phone support, so I know the party line. It also allows me to recognize when I'm being fed a line.

Today I called in to tech support because an application wasn't working correctly. The tech (who was from India) tried various things and then begins to tell me it's because I'm not an admin on my machine is the reason why the application wasn't working. I'm not that hungry at this point, so I'm not falling for what he's telling me. I told him, that excuse won't work because if it was just me, fine; but it's three different locations and 24 plus people. Try again. He then tells me, yea there is a problem, you're my third phone call. He asks a bunch of questions and tells me he's sending it up to their NOC (Network Operations Center). Within ten minutes it was up and running - about the length of time I spent on the call. Yea, thanks for wasting my time.

I worked on the sweater yesterday. Completed about two rows. It's about the length of my palm now. I was using a short cable needle to work the cables, but I've decided I didn't like how it was two sizes to big. I've now switched to a bamboo needle, size one. It's a bit longer, but I'm happier. The shawl is sitting next to my monitoring feeling very neglected. I haven't worked on for about a week now. I really should, because it would put me right next to the fan where it would be quite a bit cooler. (We're suppose to reach triple digits. UGH!) We may turn on the AC if it continues to stay this hot.

I've decided tonight's dinner is going to be chicken salad. It's the left over chicken from taco's last night. I was going to use it to make soup, but I don't have any soup stock. The kids steal it; okay I give it to them. On the way home, I'll swing by the store and pick up some tomatoes - now that the FDA has decreed them safe for consumption. I'm going to slice them thin and eat it like a cracker. Grilltech will most likely make a sandwich.

I also need to call my Aunt and move breakfast on Saturday to 0900 or if the time can't be moved the location will need to be. Komdadant can't make 0930. She was more then happy to move the time to 0900; even happier when I mentioned the Eldest and clan would be coming. I also need to get the package in the mail today. Hmm tough choice, mail Galad's package or go knit. Sorry Galad, Grilltech told me I needed to go knit after work today, instead of going home, so it will get put in the mail tomorrow afternoon.

I live such an exciting life, don't I? Yawn


Galad said...

I'm glad to know that tech support issues are universal even though they are eternally frustrating.

No apologies necessary - I'd knit instead of mailing a package too. Just gives me another day of anticipation :-)

Amy Lane said...

Ugh. I can't deal w/tech support calls... I'm just not that patient.

Perkygoth said...

WHAT?! "I mentioned the Eldest and clan would be coming"
you didn't tell me any thing about it
You had to call someone to fix your computer. Isn't that what Griltech is for??

GrillTech said...

Grilltech can only work on 1 of her work computers.. The other one has to go to another support area.