...and we're off

  • This morning, Fran-kitty was on the roof. She had to let us know by screaming.

  • I think everything is packed and in the car.

  • Looks like another busy day here at the datamine.

  • On the plus side, it's Friday!!

  • On the down side, we have an eight hour drive ahead of us after work.

  • I don't use an iron, so I don't have to worry about it being left on.

  • I left the shawl at home, but the sweater is packed.

  • I even brought extra sock yarn, just in case.

  • My favorite lip balm is in my pocket.

  • I told the kitties good-bye and to behave.

  • They're cats, they'll do as they please.

  • When did they change the gold coin from Sachawea to the US Presidents?!

  • Grilltech just went home, he wasn't having a good day.

  • I did turn off my computer. I'm sure Perky will turn it back on while she's checking on the kitties.

  • The report may take three seconds to create, however, the page takes 20 seconds to refresh.

  • I meant to post pictures of the shawl last night, but was distracted by... RCHP.

  • System is lagging today. Stupid datamine.

  • MIL - It wasn't Sabrina who tried to come with us on the trip, but Fran.

  • She was told the trunk wouldn't make a good place for cats to travel.

  • There is a stuck pixel on one of the monitors here at work. There are times it really bugs me.

  • Two and half more hours to go. I'm starting to get tired.

  • Nothing like playing phone tag with people.

  • Grilltech - who went home three hours ago - left himself logged into his phone...

  • I'm on the down hill side of work now.

  • I can't think of anything I might need to call Grilltech and tell him to bring.

  • I should call him anyway at 1350 in a panic telling I can't live without something trivial.

  • Having lived with me for 19 years, he'd know I was trying to pull something on him.

  • While we're gone, posting will be a bit hit or miss until about Monday.

  • Power flicker.


emicat said...

I don't know where you're off to, but I hope it's somewhere fun.

I'm ready for the upcoming 3 day weekend!

Amy Lane said...

"I should call him at the last minute and tell him I can't live without something trivial"

Hee hee hee...darling--I LOVE your lists...

And totally enjoy yourself!!!

Galad said...

Have a wonderful time and knit often.

MIL said...

just a test

Perkygoth said...

You can't blame RHCP for everything. Thats my excuse. :)

Carrie Penny said...

What would I do w/o your lists some days!