And the winner is....

Yes, I know. I'm a bad blogger. I should have posted this on Friday, but I was lazy. Well, not completely lazy because I did kill some demons. But you're not here to read about me killing demons or knitting rows on my sweater. I'm sure you'd like to know who won. I'd show up pictures of what was won, but the camera is still missing. Grilltech gets a bit crabby at times when I take his phone. (Oh course he'll lie and say honey you can borrow it any time you want to!) So there won't be any pictures of the two books.

The Eldest and clan came over on Saturday. They were on their way swimming and swung in to say hello. While they where at the house I had the Eldest pick the winner; which turns out to be Galad. I'll leave it to her to show you the goods. How's that for lazy?

I forced Grilltech to take me out Saturday night to watch the moon rise. There was a warm breeze which by the end of the night, was darn right cold. He saw two meteors, I saw two satellites. I think he had the better show. The moon was a lovely shade of peach due to the fires in California. One morning last week, it was blood red. Very pretty.

I finished Grilltech's first sock. The second one is started and should be worked on at the dentist's office this afternoon. I have a teeth cleaning appointment. Hopefully this sock won't be as whiny has it's twin or it's owner. I did a short-row toe on the sock then bound off causing a ridge. It looks a bit different then the normal wedge. He tried on the sock, and mentioned it's not as stretchy as the other ones. Which makes sense, I'm using size 1 needles with sport weight yarn. It should stand up to the abuse Grilltech puts his house socks through.


Lovs2Knit said...

Killing demons are important too! ;)

emicat said...

I'm killing demons and monsters too :) It's taking over and I'm not knitting - bad bad bad!

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it :P