Back to Work

Its odd to be back at work after a couple of days off. One gets used to staying up several hours past the regular bed time, which makes it somewhat harder to get to bed at the regular time. The alarm in the morning? It was evil, very evil. Today is a day of meetings, so it will be somewhat of an easy day. It doesn't help that stuff is broken. All I can do is watch helplessly as calls build up and stay that way. People are snappy, because nothing seems to be going right.

I did get several rows (six to be exact) completed on the shawl last night. Which puts me about six rows away from being done with the second chart. Not real sure what I'll be working on tonight.

I thought I had grabbed my chap stick out of the car this morning, turns out I didn't. On the plus side, I found the dental floss I have been searching for. It was on the drawer I have at work. It must have fallen out at some point while I was grabbing my purse. I had looked for it this weekend, but couldn't find it.

We saw Hancock on Monday morning. I liked it. No major plot holes, but I did think they could have added a bit more to help fill in what little gaps there were. Jason Bateman did a nice job of being a man with conviction. The second meeting was great. They kept trying to go in one direction, and he never acknowledged they're comments. Sure he didn't get what he wanted because he wasn't talking to his audience, but he wasn't going to be side tracked.

I've got an hour to go, then I'll be waiting for Grilltech to get off. It's way to hot to go sit in the car and knit, so I'll be in the break room with headphones. Hopefully the headphones will deter people from wanting to do stupid conversations. Oh, my grandmother used to crochet. My sister's, brother's, roommate's dog, aunt Sara knits, do you know her?


Lovs2Knit said...

I hated going back to work after being on vacation or having a long weekend.

GrillTech said...

I've found that the best way to recover from a vacation or a long weekend is to take an extra day off and just veg at home.. we did it this time and I think it helped a lot.

Galad said...

I agree with Grilltech on taking the extra day. It does help make the return to work a little easier.

On the bright side, Friday is fast approaching.