List Day!

  • What is the correct etiquette for doors when two people arrive at the same time?

  • 0400 is still pretty early.

  • And Grilltech has to be in at 0400 as well.

  • Cube mates are eating red vines. I'm not.

  • However, I'm ready to go back to bed.

  • The sock has been worked on, the gusset is done and a new color has been joined.

  • There are doughnuts in Grilltech's bay. Bastards.

  • Now they've moved the red vines next to me.

  • So far, I've behaved and eaten my peppers.

  • Random overheard conversation: I've been in jail five times...

  • I moved the red vines, so they wouldn't tempt me.

  • I'm not thinking of anything exciting to put down.

  • I did complete four rows on the third chart. I'm almost to the half way point of charts.

  • Notice I said charts, not half way done with the shawl.

  • I was a bit crabby yesterday, dealing with huge pricks egos; tends to make me that way.

  • Amy, I was Athena as well.

  • And no, I wasn't mad at Grilltech, just his department head.

  • Don't forget, the contest ends on Friday at 1200 MST*.

*Or something like that...

1 comment:

Carrie Penny said...

LOL! Red vine and egos! Hey, I have raspberry fudge brownies and customer and won't walk out side if they see an employee smoking on the other side of the store... And they let you know!