List Day!

  • For some reason I woke up at 0200 and couldn't quite get back to sleep this morning.

  • Waking up that early wasn't really a bad thing, since I'm working OT.

  • I didn't knit last night, instead I somewhat picked up the house.

  • Yeah, it didn't take me that long to pick up, but it was too hot to do much of anything.

  • Six hours to go. This day is mostly over.

  • What ever it takes to make it through the day, right?

  • My cube mate is back from vacation. He's making one of my monitors vibrate.

  • I hate that.

  • I forgot to check the bar this morning on the drive in.

  • One early morning I drove by a house full of lights and people. I realized they were still going from last night's party and I was on my way into to work at 0330.

  • I look one minute and there are 20+ calls hanging, I look again and we're down to six.

  • Grilltech is such a sweetie, he gave me two bits.

  • Two bits, not to be confused with two bytes.

  • I didn't pull anything out for dinner tonight, guess it's going to be hotdogs and salad again.

  • I'm back to 15 minutes on the bike.

  • Grilltech says the cleaning lady has changed her tactics. Now she takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to clean the bathrooms.

  • Cube mate brought BK for lunch. Hmmm fries.

  • I guess I should read those #$@& e-mails. I could have been wearing jeans today.

  • So when you're near me, darling can't you hear the S-O-S?

  • Stupid communicator, it doesn't work half the time.

  • Did you know the smell of burger lingers long after the actual burger is gone.

  • I really don't want hotdogs for dinner tonight. Guess I'd better figure something else out.

  • Four more hours! Four more hours!

  • Can you tell I've got nothing for the blog today?

  • I really need to get Grilltech to e-mail the pictures, so I can post progress.

  • Someone just walked by with popcorn or I'm having a stroke.

  • Two more hours!! Two more hours!

  • I spent 1035.2 seconds running the morning reskill, this afternoon.

  • I was handed an unexpected surprise. My replacement showed up an hour early.

  • I'm going home!

  • To the SUV turning at the corner, one word: Signals!

  • Why is it going to work I'm always under the speed limit, but coming home I'm always over?


Galad said...

We need pictures of your projects! Hope the week is passing quickly and you have a relaxing weekend to look forward to.

Amy Lane said...

hee hee hee...darlin', I do love your lists! And I'm sorry--going back to work sucks!