Was Busy, But Now....

Monday was a holiday but I was at work. Granted, I wasn't working overly hard but I was there. Today, on the other hand, I've been very busy. It's been very busy, until about half an hour ago. Not really complaining. :)

I got a great knitting book for Christmas, pulled it out the day before and learned how to do a new type of heel. It looks very neat. I'll force the husband to get pictures, so they can be posted. I'll need to start measuring soon for my new sock. Now I'm worrying if I'll have enough yarn for the second one. Maybe I'll do the toes in a different color.

The youngest daughter is in trouble, so she's laying pretty low. She works tonight, but has to wait for us to get home so she can have the car keys. I'll be holding on to them this weekend as well, since I volunteered to work. Just the meanest mommy in the world.

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