Knitting Olympics!

I've done it. Now the implications of what I've signed myself up for is starting to settle in. It all started with a simple question from Mike. "Hey, the Yarn Harlot is doing an 2006 Knitting Olympics, are you going to take part?" ( I thought about it and decided, I could do it.

So I'll be scrambling to get 30 squares done before the kick off on the 10th of Feb. Seems pretty simple. I'll just stop working on the sweater. No problem there, haven't worked on it for a week now, I'm thinking the sweater is feeling a bit lonely. I know the second second that I haven't worked on in a while is plotting against me. Its moves stitches from one needle to another. I know I put 25, 26, 25. Picked it up this morning, and it was 25, 25, 26. Hmm Just slipped one to the second needle and went on. I'll need to count again later to make sure.

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