Another fun day at work. I solved several problems and feel pretty good. To really make things better, I've moved out of the hand-holding area. Tomorrow I'll be on my own (mostly) and Monday be on my real team. Things will be very interesting from this point out.

I've finished my first sock. It does look pretty good. I've started my second one and keep thinking, I'm more then half way down with this pair. The husband has been hinting he wants more socks made, that don't have to have a pattern. He's also been implying I need to fix his bio-hazard socks. Sure it was a bad design on my part. I think I'll just rip back two rows and just bind off. He can't whine to much if I get them finished. Granted, they were done, but started unraveling. :( I think I just like top down better.

Getting that much closer to finishing my sweater. I have to keep thinking, I'm almost to the yoke. Or will be soon as I finish the front. On the plus side, I'm working both at the same time.
I really need to get pictures going, otherwise my blog won't be as kewl as the others.

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