Today's Better!

Yesterday was just a crappy, crappy, crap day. Okay, yesterday morning was. The teenaged daughter has been driving the car and left it on empty for me to drive to work. I only drive to work one day a week. I was later to work then what I wanted to be. I should have known it was only down hill from there. Started out by getting my admin account, a good thing. Then the tension started rising. I couldn't reach the database. It kept asking for a user name & password. Tried it over and over, no luck. Took someone else pointing out that maybe I was locked out. sure enough. Had to change my password to something else. An account was put into my name, it was really my fault. I didn't put in enough information. The fact it wasn't my case to begin has little bearing on the issue. There is nothing worse then crying on the job. :(

On the plus side, I've started the toe of my sock. I switched colors because I'm really afraid, I won't have enough yarn left for the second sock. There is knitting get together tonight. Will most likely just stay for an hour or so. 3:45 am comes way to early. I'll be working on my sweater found at: Can't wait until I have it done.

I'm been trying to figure out what my next project will be for me. I've got some dark purple microspun. I'm thinking maybe something like Tempting II found at: I'll need to swatch before I just jump and go, but Mike's sweater will be first. He wants a cardigan. It's a good thing he wheres the items I knit for him. ;)

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