It's been a while since I've posted here. I've just been lazy. Plus, I've been really stressed about work. I've come to the conclusion, I want to be rich. Since I'll never inherit a bunch of money, I'll need to work for it. There is always that slim chance the lottery would come through, but until that day it's work time.

DeLeah's sister wants me to knit her several items. Made a prototype of the hat she wants. Showed it to my dad, he went on to tell me what changes need to happen. Which is a good thing, I need to know what my customer wants. I figure I'll start on a pair of thrummed mittens here in a bit. It will be good experience for me. Plus, they are suppose to be incredibly warm. Maybe I should make a pair for me. :) My aunt gave me a bunch of yarn last night. It's an acrylic, but one that I like working with. I will be able to make several hat, scarf, and mitten sets with it.

Mike has been sick for the past couple of days. If he feels anything like how I felt, then he's really sick. He's not one to stay home and sleep, when he doesn't feel well. I on the other hand, will sleep all day if given the chance.

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