Planning Ahead

Last night was a bad night. Couldn't get to sleep until after 10, which makes morning come so early. Took a nap in the break room, which really seemed to help.

Keep plugging along on Nan's sock. I'm on the home stretch of the foot. Figure I'll take a picture of it and send her a copy.

I've decided that for the Knitting Olympics I'll make the whole afghan. Have a plan worked out, so I won't be as stressed. 16 days total. Figure one day for "just in case". Figure three days to knit the border. That leaves 12 days to knit the squares. I need 60 total squares. Just five squares a day and I'm done. Since I figured I can knit two at once. It will go just twice as fast. Its the sewing (the "just in case") I'm concerned about.

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