It Snowed

Yesterday was quite the busy day. Arranged to get off at 12:30, so I could take Jen (the eldest) to the doctor. Didn't get out until 1:00, which was quite frustrating. Spent four hours at the emergency room, only to be sent home with instructions to see the doctor on Friday. Oh well. Its not me, but it still is scary to watch.

Started Nan's socks. Using a white cotton yarn with size three needles for the leg. A simple knit 2, purl 2 stitch for 4.5 inches, then I'll switch to St. Stitch for the rest of the sock. I think I'll pick up a set of size two needles for the body as well. Maybe I'll knit Mike a pair using the size two to see how they work.

It really started snowing today. Glad I'm not driving home today. Even happier Jess isn't driving home today. I'm sure she'll be a bit crabby to walk home in the "blizzard". (Meanest Mommy in the world.) Well, the snow has stopped, now it's turning to slush. Should be even funnier to walk in.

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