Wednesday, November 7th

My dates are wrong in the couple of posts, because I'm a dumbass. My calendar is still set to October. There are times I'm truly impressive.

I'm started the toes on C's socks. Soon as they completed, I can start a hat for a co-worker. I laughed at him because he was wearing a "crappy machine knit hat". He thought I was laughing because it's a Detroit Lion's hat, but I set him straight. He came back and asked if I would knit something for his wife who is from California and isn't used to the cold. Yes, I know I've said it in the past, no more knitting for other people. But I like this guy, so I should be okay.

Sure Grilltech, you didn't lose the sock. What ever it takes for you to sleep at night.

And my mail is working again. I guess maybe (but doubtful) he didn't lose the sock after all.


Lovs2Knit said...

lol....don't you know socks get up and walk off on their own all the time. :)
Hope emails up and running for real this time.

Amy Lane said...

Our socks actually DO get up and walk around--they have some help from the cat, of course.

Carrie Penny said...

Socks do have a secret life at night... It isn't just getting lost in the wash. I have a co worker whose friend was supposed to knit him a scarf for two years now and he asked if I had time if I would make it for him (I am still not sure).