Scenic Saturday, November 17th

Scenic Saturday. This picture was taken last November. You really can't see it very well, but there is a tangent at the top of the halo. There was more colors, but our camera isn't top of the line, so it looks pretty white. I was going through pictures yesterday, and thought it would be a lovely post.

Today is the steeking class at the LYS. Its at 1000, but I can't make it. PrinterTech and I are going out to breakfast with Aunt K in the same time frame. Since I swore I would only use my powers for evil, I can't be in two places at once. Altho it would be evil to blow off my Aunt...

I've finished the gusset for my mitt. Tried it on, and it was way to big!! Crappy! I'll finish them and give them to a co-worker of Grilltech who wanted a pair. (So they're not in the colors he really wanted, but they're done. Which is better?) I'll be able to pick out different colors for me as well.

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